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3.1 Create and manage calendars
3.1 Create and manage calendars
Configure calendar settings
The Calendar module offers four distinct views of content. These views are:
Calendar This is the standard view in which you display your Outlook calendar. In
the Day, Work Week, or Week arrangement, Calendar view displays the subject,
location, and organizer (if space allows) of each appointment, meeting, or event, in
addition to the availability bar and any special icons, such as Private or Recurrence.
Preview In the Day, Work Week, or Week arrangement, this view displays
additional information, including information from the notes area of the appointment
window, as space allows.
List This list view displays all appointments, meetings, and events on your calendar.
Active This list view displays only future appointments, meetings, and events.
In your Outlook calendar, the time that you indicate you are available for other people
to schedule meetings with you is referred to as your work week . The calendar time slots
within your work week are colored differently from those outside of your work week,
and are the only time slots made available to people on your network when they are
searching for a time to meet with you.
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