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Share calendar information
To delete a calendar group
1. In the Folder Pane , right-click the name of the calendar group, and then click
Delete Group .
2. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes .
To delete a calendar from the Calendar module or from a calendar group
In the Folder Pane , right-click the calendar name, and then click Delete Calendar .
To switch between Overlay Mode and Side-By-Side Mode
On the title bar tab of any secondary calendar, click the View in Overlay Mode
button. In Overlay Mode, click either calendar tab to display that calendar on top of
the other calendar.
On any overlaid calendar, click the View in Side-By-Side Mode button to return to
the standard display.
Right-click any calendar tab, and then click Overlay to turn Overlay Mode on or off
for that calendar.
Share calendar information
Co-workers can view your available working time when they schedule meetings with
you or view your calendar through Outlook. If you want to share more information
with co-workers or with people outside of your organization, you have several options
for doing so.
You can allow selected co-workers to view calendar item details by sharing the
calendar with them.
You can allow selected co-workers to view your entire calendar and to make
appointments and respond to meeting requests on your behalf by delegating
control of the calendar to them.
You can publish your calendar to the website or to a corporate web
server and then share the published calendar with any person who has access to
the Internet.
You can send a professional graphic representation of your appointments during a
selected date range by email to any person who uses an HTML-capable email
program (not only people who use Outlook), including colleagues, friends, and family
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