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Share calendar information
The options for sending, sharing, and publishing calendar information are available from
the Share group on the Home tab of the Calendar module.
See Also For information about delegating access to your calendar, see “Delegate
access” in section 2.1, “Create messages.”
If your email address is part of an Exchange network, you can give permission to other
people on your network to view, modify, or create items within a calendar or any other
type of Outlook folder. The level of access each co-worker has is governed by the
permissions you assign to him or her. Using this method, you can share your default calendar
or a secondary calendar that you create, import, or subscribe to.
After you share a calendar, you can specify the actions each person with whom you
share the calendar can take. You can select a permission level, which includes Read,
Write, Delete, and other settings, or you can select individual settings in each category.
Tip From the Permissions page, you can change the default permission level to your
calendar and permit co-workers to view more information than only your availability.
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