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Practice tasks
1. On the Home tab, in the Share group, click the Calendar Permissions button.
2. On the Permissions page of the Calendar Properties dialog box, click a
preconigured permission level in the Permission Level list, or select individual
Practice tasks
There are no practice files for these tasks. Before you begin, alert a colleague that
you are going to practice sharing your calendar.
Display your primary calendar for next month.
Display only the second week of the month.
Display only the fifteenth day of the month.
Create a secondary calendar named MOS Schedule , and display it beside your
primary calendar.
Create a calendar group named MOS Team that includes the secondary
calendar and the calendar of a colleague, and display the calendar group
in Schedule view.
Display the MOS Team calendar group in Overlay Mode.
Delete the MOS Team calendar group.
Hide the MOS Schedule calendar.
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