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Create meetings
To create an appointment from an email message
1. In the Mail module, drag the message from the Mail pane to the Calendar button
on the Navigation Bar .
2. In the appointment window that opens, edit the appointment details as necessary.
3. On the Appointment tab, in the Actions group, click the Save & Close button.
To create an event with default settings
1. Display the calendar in Day view, Work Week view, or Week view, or Month view.
2. In the Calendar pane, click the space that contains the date (in views other than
Month view, the space below the day header and above the time slots).
3. Enter the event name, and then press Enter .
To create an event with custom settings
In an appointment window header, to the right of the Start time boxes, select the
All day event check box.
Create meetings
A primary difficulty when scheduling a meeting is finding a time that works for all the
people who need to attend it. Scheduling meetings through Outlook is significantly
simpler than other methods of scheduling meetings, particularly when you need to
accommodate the schedules of several people. Outlook displays the individual and collective
schedules of people within your own organization, and of people outside of your
organization who have published their calendars to the Internet. You can review attendees’
schedules to locate a time when everyone is available, or have Outlook find a convenient
time for you.
You can send an Outlook meeting invitation (referred to as a meeting request ) to any
person who has an email account—even to a person who doesn’t use Outlook. You can
send a meeting request from any type of email account (such as an Exchange account or
an Internet email account).
The meeting window has two pages: the Appointment page and the Scheduling Assistant
page. The Appointment page is visible by default. You can enter all the required
information directly on the Appointment page, or use the additional features available on
the Scheduling Assistant page to find the best time for the meeting.
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