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Create meetings
The Room Finder is open by default on the right side of each page of the meeting
window. This handy tool helps you to identify dates and times that work for the greatest
number of attendees, in addition to available locations. The monthly calendar at the
top of the Room Finder indicates the collective availability of the group on each day, as
Dates that occur in the past and nonworking days are gray.
Days when all attendees are available are white (Good).
Days when most attendees are available are light blue (Fair).
Days when most attendees are not available are medium blue (Poor).
Tip All the capabilities for the Room Finder are available for Exchange accounts, but
functionality is limited for other types of accounts. You can display or hide the Room
Finder page by clicking the Room Finder button in the Options group on the Meeting tab.
Managed conference rooms that are available at the indicated meeting time are shown
in the center of the Room Finder. At the bottom of the Room Finder, the Suggested
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