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Manage calendar items
To invite optional attendees
1. Invite the attendee by using any of the previously discussed methods.
2. On the Meeting tab, in the Show group, click the Scheduling Assistant button.
3. In the All Attendees list, click the icon immediately to the left of the optional
attendee’s name and then, in the list, click Optional Attendee .
To use the Room Finder
To display suggested meeting times, click a date in the Date Navigator at the top
of the Room Finder pane.
To update the meeting request, click a meeting time in the Suggested Times list.
Manage calendar items
If you have the same appointment on a regular basis—for example, a bimonthly haircut or
a weekly exercise class—you can set it up in your Outlook calendar as a recurring
appointment . A recurring appointment can happen at almost any regular interval, such as every
Tuesday and Thursday, every other week, or the last day of every month. Configuring an
appointment recurrence creates multiple instances of the appointment in your calendar at
the time interval you specify. You can set the appointment to recur until further notice, to
end after a certain number of occurrences, or to end by a certain date. The individual
appointments are linked. When making changes to a recurring appointment, you can choose
to update all occurrences or only an individual occurrence of the appointment.
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