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Manage meeting options
When accepting or declining a meeting, you can choose whether to send a response to
the meeting organizer. If you don’t send a response, your acceptance will not be tallied,
and the organizer will not know whether you are planning to attend the meeting. If you
do send a response, you can add a message to the meeting organizer before sending it.
If you are the meeting organizer, you can add an attendee to a meeting at any time. If
this is the only change you make to the attendee list, Outlook gives you the option of
sending an update only to the new attendee.
You can take notes for any meeting in Microsoft OneNote. If you originate the notes
from within the meeting request, the notes are linked to the meeting request and
include all the information from the meeting request, in addition to a link back to it. If
you store the notes in a shared OneNote notebook, you can make the notes available
to other meeting attendees.
To respond to meeting invitations
1. In the meeting window, in the Reading Pane , or on the shortcut menu that appears
when you right-click the meeting request, click Accept , Tentative , or Decline .
2. Choose whether to send a standard response, a personalized response, or no
response at all.
Topropose a new time for a meeting
1. In the meeting window or in the Reading Pane , click Propose New Time , and then
click Tentative and Propose New Time or Decline and Propose New Time to open
the Propose New Time dialog box.
2. In the Propose New Time dialog box, change the meeting start and end times
to the times you want to propose, either by dragging the start time and end time
bars or by changing the date and time in the lists, and then click the Propose Time
3. In the meeting response window that opens, enter a message to the meeting
organizer if you want to, and then click Send to send your response and add the
meeting to your calendar as tentatively scheduled for the original meeting time. If
the meeting organizer approves the meeting time change, you and other attendees
will receive updated meeting requests showing the new meeting time.
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