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Practice tasks
Practice tasks
Use the MOS Budget Meeting and MOS Status Meeting meetings that you created
in section 3.2 as practice files for these tasks.
Set a reminder for the MOS Lunch with Jane appointment to appear at
9:30 A.M.
Reschedule the MOS Budget Meeting to the week after next, indicate that the
meeting is high priority, and then send the updated meeting request.
Ask a colleague to send you a meeting request for a meeting with the subject
MOS Project Meeting . When the meeting request arrives, tentatively accept
the meeting and propose that the meeting be held at the same time on the
following day.
From the meeting window, create a shared notes page for the MOS Project
Meeting in OneNote.
Cancel the MOS Status Meeting and MOS Budget Meeting meetings and
send cancellation notices to the attendees.
3.4 Create and manage notes, tasks, and journals
Create tasks
If you use your Outlook task list to its fullest potential, you’ll frequently add tasks to it.
You can create tasks in several ways:
In the Tasks module, add a task to the task list.
In other modules, add a task to the Tasks peek.
Create a new task in the task window.
Base a task on an existing Outlook item (such as a message).
Just as you can create recurring appointments, events, and meetings, you can create
recurring tasks. You can set the task to occur every day, week, month, or year; or you can
specify that a new task should be generated a certain amount of time after the last task
is complete.
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