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Regardless of how or where you create a task, all tasks are available in the Tasks module
and in the Tasks peek. Only individual tasks are available in the Tasks List.
You might frequently need to take action based on information you receive in Outlook—
for example, information in a message or in a meeting request. You might want to add
information from another Outlook item to your task list, to ensure that you complete
any necessary follow-up work. Depending on the method you use, you can either create
a new task from an existing item or simply transfer the existing item to your task list by
lagging it.
Tip When viewing your calendar in Day, Work Week, or Week view, each item on your
Outlook task list appears in the Tasks section below its due date. You can schedule
specific time to complete a task by dragging it from the Tasks area to your calendar.
To create a task in the Tasks module
On the Home tab, in the New group, click the New Task button. Enter the task
details in the task window that opens, and then save and close the task.
When displaying the To-Do List view of the Tasks module, enter the task description
in the Type a new task box, and then press Enter to create a task with the default
When displaying the Tasks List view of the Tasks module, enter the task description
in the Click here to add a new Task box, press Tab to move to subsequent fields,
ill in other information, and then press Enter .
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