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Practice tasks
To create a task in any module
On the Home tab, in the New group, in the New Items list, click Task .
Press Ctrl+K .
In the Tasks peek, enter the task description in the Type a new task box.
To create a task from an email message, contact record, or note
Drag the message, contact record, or note to the Tasks button on the Navigation
Bar . Close and save the task window that contains the information from the
original item.
To transfer an email message to your task list without creating an individual
In the Mail pane, click the lag icon to the right of a message.
This method, referred to as lagging a message for follow-up , adds the message to
your task lists with the default due date specified in the Quick Click settings, and
adds an information bar to the message. However, it does not create a separate
task item, so to retain the task, you must retain the message—you can move the
message between mail folders, but deleting the message deletes the task as well.
In the Mail pane, right-click the lag icon to the right of a message, and then specify
a due date: Today , Tomorrow , This Week , Next Week , No Date , or Custom (which
allows you to set specific start and end dates).
Drag the message to the Tasks peek and drop it under the heading for the due
date you want to assign it to. (If the desired due date doesn’t already have a
heading in the Tasks peek, you need to drop the message under another heading and
then assign the due date you want.)
This method also adds the message to your task list but doesn’t create a separate
task item.
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