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Objective 4: Manage contacts and groups
Manage contacts
and groups
The skills tested in this section of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Microsoft
Outlook 2013 relate to the storage and management of information about people.
Specifically, the following objectives are associated with this set of skills:
Create and manage contacts
Create and manage groups
Having immediate access to current, accurate contact information for the people you
need to interact with—by email, phone, mail, or otherwise—is important for timely and
effective communication.
You can easily build and maintain a detailed contact list, or address book, in the Outlook
People module. Within each address book, you can create contact records for individuals
or companies that store various types of information about people with whom you
correspond, such as business associates, customers, suppliers, family members, and friends.
From your address book, you can look up information, create email messages, and
schedule meetings. You can share stored contact information with other people.
To simplify communication with multiple contacts. Contact groups can consist of existing
and new contacts, and can also store notes about the group.
This chapter guides you in studying ways of storing contact information for people and
for groups of people you want to communicate with by email or other electronic means.
Practice File To complete the practice tasks in this chapter, you need the practice file
contained in the MOSOutlook2013\Objective4 practice file folder. For more information,
see “Download the practice files” in this topic’s Introduction.
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