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4.1 Create and manage contacts
one. And, of course, you can add to or change the information stored in a contact record
at any time.
The order in which Outlook displays contact records in the contact list is controlled by
the File As setting. By default, Outlook files contacts by last name (Last, First order). If
you prefer, you can change the order for new contacts to any of the following:
First Last
Last, First (Company)
Company (Last, First)
See Also In addition to creating individual contact records, you can create groups
of contacts so that you can manage messaging to multiple people through one email
address. For information, see section 4.2, “Create and manage groups.”
Within each contact record window, information appears not only in the fields of the
contact record but also in the form of a graphic that resembles a business card. When
you enter a person’s contact information in a contact record, basic information appears
in the business card shown in the upper-right corner of the contact window. This data
includes the person’s name, company, and job title; work, mobile, and home phone
numbers; and email, postal, webpage, and instant messaging addresses. (Only the first
10 lines of information it on the card.) If an image is associated with the person through
Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint, or a social network to which you’ve connected
Outlook, the contact record includes the image. An image from a social network is
identified by a small icon in the lower-right corner of the image. You can change the types
of information that appear, rearrange the information fields, format the text and
background, and add, change, or remove images, such as a logo or photograph.
Creating a business card for yourself provides you with an attractive way of presenting
your contact information to people you correspond with in email. You can attach your
business card to an outgoing email message or include it as part (or all) of your email
signature. The recipient of your business card can easily create a contact record for you
by saving the business card to his or her Outlook address book.
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