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Store contact records
Store contact records
Contact records are stored in address books. When you configure Outlook to connect to
an email account, you automatically have a default address book, which Outlook displays
when you click the People button on the Navigation Bar. The default address book
content is stored in a folder named Contacts . If you connect to an Exchange Server account,
the default address book is part of that account, and the information you store in the
address book is available on all computers and devices from which you connect to your
You display and work with address books in the People module. The content pane of
the People module displays the contact records saved in the currently selected address
book. The default view of contact records in Outlook 2013 is a new format named
People cards, but you can choose from several standard views, including business
cards, text-only cards, and various lists.
People cards display selected contact information compiled from the contact records
you store in Outlook and any social networks you connect to.
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