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Share contact records and address books
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1. On the Open & Export page, click Import/Export to start the Import and Export
wizard and display a list of operations that you can perform by using the wizard.
2. In the Choose an action to perform list, click Import from another program or
file , and then click Next to display the list of file types from which you can import
3. In the Select file type to import from list, click Comma Separated Values or
Outlook Data File (.pst) , and then click Next .
4. Click the Browse button to the right of the File to import box to open the Browse
dialog box. In the Browse dialog box, navigate to the file you want to import, and
then click OK .
5. In the Options area, click one of these options for handling contact records that
match existing contact records in the address book into which you import them:
Replace duplicates with items imported
Allow duplicates to be created
Do not import duplicate items
6. Click Next to display a list of the folders in your Outlook installation.
7. In the Select destination folder list, click the address book into which you want to
import the contact records, and then click Next .
8. If the fields defined in the file you’re importing might not use the same field names
as an Outlook contact record, click the Map Custom Fields button. Then in the
Map Custom Fields dialog box, match named fields from the source file to Outlook
field names. When you finish, click OK .
9. On the last page of the Import a File wizard, click Finish to import the contact
records into the selected address book.
Export the contact records from the source file to a .csv file, and then import the
.csv file.
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