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Practice tasks
Practice tasks
The practice file for these tasks is located in the MOSOutlook2013\Objective4
practice file folder. Save the results of the tasks in the same folder.
Create a contact record for John Evans, the Assembly Plant Manager of
Wingtip Toys, which is located at 315 Wingtip Way, Highflying, TX 71234.
John’s email address is , and the company website’s URL
is .
Add the Outlook _4-1 image to the John Evans contact record.
Create a contact record, based on the John Evans contact record, for
Heidi Steen, a Sales Associate for Wingtip Toys, whose email address is .
Edit the John Evans contact record so that it is filed as John Evans instead of
Evans, John . Then note that John’s nickname is Jack , his spouse’s name is Jill ,
and his birthday is July 31 .
If you haven’t already done so, create a contact record for yourself. Include
your name, company, job title, business and mobile phone numbers, fax
number, one or more email addresses, and one or more postal addresses.
Forward your contact record to a friend as a vCard. Enter MOS Contact
Information as the message subject, and embed your business card as a
Create an address book named MOS Contacts that is stored within your default
Contacts folder. Move the John Evans and Heidi Steen contact records to the
new address book.
Share the MOS Contacts address book with a friend. Ensure that the friend
can display, but not change, the contact records in the shared address book.
Export the MOS Contacts address book as a comma-separated values file
named MOSContacts.csv .
4.2 Create and manage groups
If you frequently send messages to specific groups of people, such as members of a
project team, club, or family, you can create a contact group that contains all the email
addresses. Then you can send a message to all the group members by addressing it to
the contact group.
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