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Objective 1: Manage the Outlook environment
1 Manage the Outlook
The skills tested in this section of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Microsoft
Outlook 2013 relate to managing the Outlook environment. Specifically, the following
objectives are associated with this set of skills:
1.1 Customize Outlook settings
1.2 Automate Outlook
Print and save information in Outlook
Search in Outlook
The goal of the Office 2013 working environment is to make working with content,
including that of Microsoft Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations,
Outlook email messages, and Access database tables, as intuitive as possible. To that
end, each program in the Office system, including Outlook, has a similar user interface.
Unlike other Office programs, Outlook doesn’t function for a single purpose or create
a single category of files. You use it to create, organize, and track several types of
information that are critical to keeping your daily life functioning smoothly. To minimize
the work of dealing with such diverse items of information as email messages, contact
records, appointments, tasks, and notes, Outlook provides a module for each type and
presents each module in a similar interface, making it possible for you to work with
different items of information in consistent ways.
This chapter guides you in studying ways of customizing Outlook, configuring settings,
and automating processes to it the way you work. In addition, this chapter guides you in
studying ways of performing operations such as printing, saving, and searching that are
common across all Outlook modules.
Practice Files You don’t need any practice files to complete the practice tasks in this
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