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Set defaults for outgoing messages
Important The Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Outlook 2013 includes objectives
related to specific settings that are documented individually in this topic. However, the
Outlook Options dialog box contains other options not included on the exam, which are
not covered in this topic. Be sure to look through the Outlook Options dialog box for
options you might be interested in using.
To open the Outlook Options dialog box
In the left pane of the Backstage view, click Options .
Set defaults for outgoing messages
The fonts, styles, colors, and backgrounds of content you create in Outlook are governed
by a theme. The default theme is named Office . The default settings use a black font for
new messages and a blue font for message responses (replies and forwards).
You can change the appearance of message content by changing the theme of the
individual message, by applying styles to paragraphs, or by applying local character and
paragraph formatting. In addition to formatting messages on a case by case basis, you
can change the default look of all new messages by choosing a different theme. If you’re
happy with the basic theme but want to change the default appearance of text, you can
separately specify the font, size, style, and color of the text of new messages, responses
and forwarded messages, and messages sent in Plain Text format. You can continue to
use different colors to visually differentiate between original message content and your
responses within a message trail. Or you might prefer to keep things clean and simple,
and always use the same font regardless of whether a message is new; this simpler
approach can help recipients to recognize message content from you.
Tip You set the default appearance of plain text message content in the Signatures And
Stationery box. You cannot apply additional font formatting or paragraph formatting to
plain text content.
You select message fonts and control other aspects of message responses on the
Personal Stationery page of the Signatures And Stationery dialog box.
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