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Create and assign automatic signatures
See Also For information about manually inserting email signatures in messages, see
section 2.2, “Format messages.”
To create and assign automatic signatures
1. Open the Outlook Options dialog box.
2. In the Compose messages section of the Mail page, click the Signatures button.
3. On the E-mail Signature page of the Signatures and Stationery dialog box, click
the New button.
4. In the Type a name for this signature box of the New Signature dialog box, enter
a name that identifies the content or purpose of the signature, and then click OK .
5. In the Edit signature box, enter the signature text.
Tip If you want to include your electronic business card as part of your signature, click
the Business Card button. Then in the Insert Business Card dialog box, locate and click
your name, and click OK.
6. Format the signature text by selecting the text and then using the formatting
commands at the top of the Edit signature area.
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