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The purpose of the Automatic Replies feature is to provide standard information to
message senders. When you’re away from your computer, an automatic reply can set
expectations for when a correspondent can expect a personal response from you. You
don’t have to be physically out of the office to use this feature; some people use it to let
other people know when responses will be delayed for other reasons, such as when they
are working on a project that will prevent them from responding promptly to messages,
or to inform customers who might be in different time zones of their standard working
In addition to having Outlook send automatic replies, you can have it process messages
that arrive while you are out of the office by using rules that are in effect only when the
Automatic Replies feature is on.
The Automatic Replies feature is off until you explicitly turn it on; it does not coordinate
with your free/busy information in the Calendar module.
When you are using an Exchange account, you can do the following when configuring
Automatic Replies:
You can create two auto-reply messages—one that Outlook sends only to people
in your organization (on the same domain) and another sent either to everyone
else or only to the people in your primary address book.
When you have separate internal and external messages, you can distinguish the
information made available to co-workers, to friends and business contacts, and
to the general public (including senders of spam). For example, you might include
your itinerary and mobile phone number only in an internal automatic reply,
include your return date in a reply to your contacts, and not send any reply to other
You can specify the font, size, and color of automatic reply message text and apply
bold, italic, or underline formatting.
You can format paragraphs as bulleted or numbered lists and control the indent
You can specify start and end dates and times for your automatic reply message so
that you don’t have to remember to turn off Automatic Replies.
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