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To reset a built-in Quick Step
1. On the Home tab, click the Quick Steps dialog box launcher.
2. In the Manage Quick Steps dialog box, in the Quick step list, click the Quick Step
you want to reset.
3. Click Reset to Defaults , and then click Yes in the Microsoft Outlook dialog box
that opens.
To delete a Quick Step
In the Quick Steps gallery, right-click the Quick Step, and then click Delete .
Click the Quick Steps dialog box launcher. In the Manage Quick Steps dialog box,
click the Quick Step you want to delete, and then click Delete .
Practice tasks
There are no practice files for these tasks.
Create a rule that assigns all incoming messages from your manager to the
Red category, or to another category of your choosing. Run the rule on your
Set up the built-in Team E-mail Quick Step to send a message with the subject
MOS Certification Information to you and two other people. Specify that the
message body should be preilled with the text New information about MOS
Certification .
Create a Quick Step named Categorize MOS that does the following:
Assigns the message to a category named MOS Study Guide . (Create the
category during the process of creating the Quick Step.)
Creates a task containing the text of the message.
Use the Team E-mail Quick Step to create a message. Replace the built-in
message body content with the text I’m testing the Outlook 2013 Quick Step
feature; please reply to this message . Then send the message.
After you receive the two responses to the MOS Certification Information
message, run the Categorize MOS Quick Step on the two messages
Delete the rule and the Categorize MOS Quick Step, and then reset the
properties of the Team E-mail Quick Step.
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