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1.3 Print and save information in Outlook
1.3 Print and save information in Outlook
View and save messages and attachments
You can view message attachments in several ways:
You can preview certain types of attachments (including Word documents, Excel
workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files) directly in the Reading Pane.
When you click the attachment, the message text is replaced by a preview of the
attachment contents, and the Attachments tool tab appears on the ribbon.
You can open the attachment in the program assigned to that file type.
You can save the attachment to your hard disk and open it from there. This
strategy is recommended if you suspect an attachment might contain a virus because
you can scan the file for viruses before opening it (provided that you have a virus
scanning program installed).
If you want to save messages outside of Outlook, you can save either individual
messages or entire folders of messages. Individual messages can be saved in several formats,
including as Outlook message files, text files, and HTML files. Folders can be saved as
Outlook data files, which can then be opened from any Outlook installation.
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