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Print Outlook items
To export messagestoanOutlookdataile
1. On the Open & Export page of the Backstage view, click Import/Export to start
the Import and Export Wizard .
2. In the Choose an action to perform list, click Export to a file , and then click Next .
3. In the Create a file of type list, click Outlook Data File (.pst) , and then click Next .
4. In the Select the folder to export from list, click the folder from which you want to
export messages.
5. If you want to export only some of the messages from the folder, click Filter to
open the Filter dialog box, filter the folder to display only the messages you want
to export, and then click OK .
6. In the Export Outlook Data File wizard, click Next .
7. To the right of the Save exported file as box, click the Browse button. In the Open
Outlook Data Files dialog box, browse to the folder in which you want to save the
.pst file. Enter a name for the exported file in the File name box, click OK , and then
click Next .
Tip If other data files exist in the Open Outlook Data Files dialog box, the File Name
box will automatically display the name of an existing file. You must replace that file
name or the previous file will be overwritten.
8. On the wizard’s last page, click Finish .
9. In the Create Outlook Data File dialog box, if you want to password-protect the
file, enter a password in the Password and Verify Password boxes. Then click OK
to create the file.
Print Outlook items
In Outlook 2013, you can print any item from the content pane or from the item window.
You can print a list of the email messages in your Inbox or print one or more individual
email messages. Outlook prints the message as shown on the screen, including font and
paragraph formats. You can add information such as page headers and footers.
When printing a calendar, the amount of detail that appears depends on the time period
you print and the print style you choose.
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