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1.4 Search in Outlook
When searching any folder, you can use the commands on the Search tool tab to set the
scope of the search and to more closely define the search specifications. You can also
return to the results of previous searches.
The buttons available in the Scope and Refine groups vary based on the type of folder
you’re searching. The Scope group always offers the options of the current folder, all
subfolders, all folders of the current type, and all Outlook items. The commands in the
Refine group change to reflect common properties of items stored in the current folder
type. The most common properties are shown as buttons in the Refine group; additional
properties are available for selection from the More list.
Unless you specify otherwise, the search results include only the contents of the
displayed folder, not any of its subfolders or any other folders. However, you can choose
to search all similar folders or all Outlook items. If you search more than one folder,
Outlook displays the search results grouped by the folder in which they appear.
You can open, delete, and process an item from the search results as you would from any
other location. However, if you change an item so that it no longer its the search criteria,
the item no longer appears in the search results.
1. In the Search box at the top of the content pane, enter the search term.
2. On the Search tool tab, in the Refine group, click buttons to specify additional
search criteria.
To change the scope of the search operation
On the Search tool tab, in the Scope group, click the All Items button for the type
of item contained in the current folder (for example, All Mail Items or All Calendar
Items ) to search all items of that type.
On the Search tool tab, in the Scope group, click the All Subfolders button to
include subfolders of the current folder in the search.
On the Search tool tab, in the Scope group, click the All Outlook Items button to
include messages, appointments, contact records, tasks, notes, and journal entries
in the search.
Tip The All Items and All Outlook Items searches include all accounts configured in your
Outlook installation.
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