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Use Search Folders
To return to the original content view
On the Search tool tab, in the Close group, click the Close Search button.
Click any folder in the Folder Pane .
To quickly return to previous search results
1. Click in the Search box at the top of the content pane to display the Search tool tab.
2. On the Search tab, in the Options group, click the Recent Searches button, and
then click the search you want to repeat.
Use Search Folders
A Search Folder displays all the messages in your mailbox that match a specific set of
search criteria, no matter which folders the messages are actually stored in. When you
create a Search Folder, it becomes part of your mailbox and is kept up to date. The
Search Folder module is located in the Folder Pane, within your top-level mailbox, at the
same level as the Inbox.
By default, Outlook 2013 includes one standard Search Folder: Unread Mail. (If your
environment includes Microsoft Lync, you might also have Search Folders for Missed Calls
and Missed Conversations.) If you want quick access to messages that it a specific set of
criteria, you can create a custom Search Folder. Search Folder categories include Reading
Mail, Mail From People And Lists, Organizing Mail, and Custom.
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