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Configure message options
Configure message options
When you send a message, you can include visual indicators of the importance, sensitivity,
or subject category of a message or other Outlook item, lag a message for follow-up,
restrict other people from changing or forwarding message content, provide a simple
feedback mechanism in the form of voting buttons, and specify message delivery options
to it your needs.
Common message settings and delivery options include the following:
Flags and reminders You can place an outgoing message on your task list, add an
informational reminder to it, or set a reminder to appear at a certain time and date,
for yourself and for message recipients.
Importance You can indicate the urgency of a message by setting its importance
to High or Low. A corresponding banner appears in the message header and, if the
Importance field is included in the view, an importance icon appears in the Inbox
or other message folder.
Sensitivity You can indicate that a message should be kept private by setting its
sensitivity to Confidential, Personal, or Private. No indicator appears in the message
folder, but a banner appears in the message header to indicate a sensitivity level
other than Normal.
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