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Configure message options
Security If you have a digital ID, you can digitally sign the message; or you can
encrypt the contents of the message.
Voting options If you and your message recipients have Microsoft Exchange
Server accounts, you can add voting buttons to your messages so that recipients
can quickly select from multiple-choice response options.
Tracking options You can track messages by requesting delivery receipts and read
receipts. These receipts are messages automatically generated by the recipient’s
email server when it delivers the message to the recipient and when the recipient
opens the message.
Delivery options You can have reply messages delivered to an email address other
than yours, specify a date and time for the message to be delivered and to expire,
and set advanced attachment format and encoding options.
Categories You can assign a message to a color category that will be visible to the
recipient if he or she views the message in Outlook.
Tip You can easily sort and group messages by any message settings by choosing that
message setting in the Arrange By list.
The most commonly used options are available in the Tags group on the Message tab
of the message window. You can access other options from the Properties dialog box,
which you open by clicking the Tags dialog box launcher.
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