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Delegate access
To forward a message
On the Home tab, in the Respond group, click the Forward button.
In the Reading Pane , in the message header, click the Forward button.
Press Ctrl+F .
To delete messages
1. Select the message, messages, or conversation you want to delete.
2. Press the Delete key.
On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click the Delete button.
3. If prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes .
Delegate access
You can delegate control of one or more Outlook modules to a co-worker so that person
can create messages, appointments, tasks, contact records, and notes, and respond to
requests on your behalf.
When delegating access, you can assign specific permission levels for each module.
Permission options include the following:
None The delegate cannot read, create, or modify items in the module.
Reviewer The delegate can read items in the module, but cannot create or modify
Author The delegate can read and create items in the module, but cannot modify
existing items.
Editor The delegate can read, create, and modify items in the module.
When delegating permissions, the default settings give the delegate Editor permissions
to the Calendar and Tasks modules only. However, you can also delegate permission to
your Inbox, Contacts module, and Notes module.
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