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Insert memorized content
Insert memorized content
You can save information and document elements that you use frequently as custom
building blocks so that you can easily insert them into documents. A custom building
block can be a simple phrase or sentence that you use often, or it can include full
paragraphs of text and objects such as graphics. You need to create the element exactly as
you want it only one time; then you can save it as a building block and use it confidently
wherever you need it. You insert a custom building block into a document from the
Quick Parts gallery on the Quick Parts menu.
To create a building block, you create and select the item you want to save, click Save
Selection To Quick Parts Gallery on the Quick Parts menu, and assign a name to the
building block. You can then insert the building block at the cursor by entering the building
block name and pressing F3, or by displaying the Quick Parts gallery and clicking the
thumbnail of the building block you want. Or you can insert it elsewhere by right-clicking
the thumbnail in the gallery and then clicking one of the specified locations.
To create Quick Parts
1. In a message composition window, enter and format the content you want to save
as a Quick Part.
2. Select the content.
3. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click the Quick Parts button, and then click
Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery .
4. In the Create New Building Block dialog box, do the following, and then click OK :
a. In the Name box, enter a name for the building block.
b. In the Description box, enter a description that will appear as a ScreenTip
when you point to the building block in the Quick Parts gallery.
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