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2.3 Organize and manage messages
2.3 Organize and manage messages
Categorize messages
To help you locate Outlook items associated with a specific subject, project, person, or
other attribute, you can create a category specific to that attribute and assign the
category to any related items. You can assign a category to any type of Outlook item, such as
a message, an appointment, a contact record, or a note. For example, you might assign
contact records for customers to a Customers category, or contact records, messages,
and meetings associated with a specific project to a category named for the project.
Outlook uses color categories, which combine named categories with color bars to
provide an immediate visual cue when you view messages in your Inbox, appointments on
your calendar, and other information. Depending on the view of the Outlook items, the
category might be indicated by a simple colored block or a large colored bar.
Tip You can locate, sort, and filter Outlook items by category. For information, see
section 1.4 “Search in Outlook.”
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