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Flag messages for follow-up
To create a custom color category
1. On the Categorize menu, click All Categories .
2. In the Color Categories dialog box, click New .
3. In the Name box of the Add New Category dialog box, enter a name for the
4. Click the Color arrow, and then click the color you want to associate with the new
5. Click the Shortcut Key arrow, and then click the keyboard shortcut you want.
6. Click OK twice.
To set or change the Quick Click color category
1. On the Categorize menu, click Set Quick Click .
2. In the Set Quick Click dialog box, select the category you want Outlook to use, and
then click OK .
Tip You can also set the Quick Click category from the Advanced page of the Outlook
Options dialog box. For more information, see section 1.1, “Customize Outlook settings.”
Flag messages for follow-up
You can assign a reminder lag for your own reference, to remind you to follow up on a
message, contact record, or task. The lags available for messages and tasks are Call, Do
Not Forward, Follow Up, For Your Information, Forward, No Response Necessary, Read,
Reply, Reply To All, and Review. The lags available for contact records are Follow Up, Call,
Arrange Meeting, Send E-mail, and Send Letter. The default lag for any item is Follow Up.
Assigning a lag to an email message or contact record adds it to your task list.
If you add a reminder to a lagged item, Outlook displays the Reminders window at the
specified time. From the Reminders window, you can dismiss the lag or postpone the
reminder to a later time.
You can assign a lag to an outgoing message. If you assign a standard lag, it appears only
to you. If you specifically lag the message for recipients, Outlook reminds you and/or the
recipient to follow up on the message with a specific action.
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