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Manage conversations
Manage conversations
Conversation view is an alternative arrangement of messages grouped by subject. All the
messages with the same subject appear together in your Inbox (or other message folder)
under one conversation header. You can display differing levels of messages within a
conversation. Until you expand the conversation, all the messages grouped within it take
up only as much space in your Inbox as a single message would.
The conversation header provides information about the messages within the
conversation, including the number of unread messages and whether one or more messages
includes an attachment, is categorized, or is lagged for follow up.
When you receive a message that is part of a conversation, the entire conversation
moves to the top of your Inbox and the new message appears when you click the
conversation header. When a conversation includes unread messages, a blue vertical line
appears to the left of the header and the conversation subject is in bold blue font, just as an
unread message would appear. When you have multiple unread messages, the number is
indicated in parentheses following the subject. The senders of the unread messages are
listed below the subject.
As with other features of Outlook 2013, you can modify the way Conversation view
displays messages to suit the way you work.
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