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1 Creating a Worksheet
and a Chart
Almost any organization collects vast amounts of data. Often, data is consolidated
into a summary so that people in the organization better understand the meaning of
the data. An Excel worksheet allows data to be summarized and charted easily. A chart
conveys a visual representation of data. In this chapter, you will create a worksheet
that includes a chart. The data in the worksheet and chart includes data for a personal
budget worksheet that contains monthly estimates on budget amounts.
Project — Worksheet and a Chart
The project in this chapter follows proper design guidelines and uses Excel to create
the worksheet and chart shown in Figure 1– 1a and Figure 1– 1b. The worksheet
contains budget data for Bob Gleamin. He wants to estimate what his personal budget
will look like for the year, so he has gathered together the information on how much
he pays for various expenses and has a list of his current incomes. Now, he wants an
easy-to-read worksheet using this information to see how much he will be ahead or
behind each month to aid him in planning his budget. In addition, a 3-D pie chart is
required that shows the estimated expenses portion for each of the 12 months.
Figure 1– 1 (a) Personal Budget Worksheet
EX 2
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