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Entering Numbers
Enter 1000.29 in cells C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, H4, I4, J4, K4, L4, and M4 to complete the rst row of numbers in
the worksheet (Figure 1– 15).
Why are the numbers right-aligned?
When you enter numeric data in a cell, Excel recognizes the values as numbers and right-aligns the values in order
to properly vertically align decimal and integer values. For example, values entered below those entered in this
step automatically will be right-aligned so that the decimals of the values properly align.
wages amounts
entered in row 4
rightaligned in cells
Figure 1– 15
Tap or click cell
B5 to select it and
complete the entry
in the previously
selected cell.
Enter the remaining
personal budget
numbers provided
in Table 1–1 on page
EX 12 for each of
the nine remaining
budget items in
rows 5
and 9–16
to nish
numbers in the
(Figure 1– 16).
some row
titles only
entered in
Why did tapping
or clicking cell B5
complete the entry
in cell M4?
Selecting another
cell completes the entry in the previously selected cell in the same way as pressing the
ENTER key, pressing an arrow key, or tapping or clicking the Enter box in the formula bar.
In the next set of steps, the entry of the number in cell B5 will be completed by selecting
another cell.
Figure 1– 16
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