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Using the Fill Handle to Copy a Cell to Adjacent Cells
Tap or click the Enter box in the formula bar to enter a sum in the active cell.
What is the purpose of the Sum arrow?
If you tap or click the Sum arrow on the right side of the Sum button (HOME tab | Editing group)
(shown in Figure 1– 17), Excel displays a list of often-used functions from which you can choose. The list
includes functions that allow you to determine the average, the number of items in the selected range,
the maximum value, or the minimum value of a range of numbers.
Repeat Steps 1 and
2 to enter the SUM
function in cell B17
(Figure 1– 18).
Enter box
SUM function
assigned to cell B6
SUM function
entered in cell B17
Figure 1– 18
Other Ways
1. Tap or click Insert Function
button in formula bar, select
SUM in Select a function list,
tap or click OK button
(Insert Function dialog box),
3. Type =s in cell, select SUM
in list, select range, tap or click
Enter box
4. Press ALT + EQUAL SIGN (=) twice
tap or click OK button (Function
Arguments dialog box)
2. Tap or click Sum arrow (HOME
tab | Editing group), tap or click
More Functions in list, tap
or click SUM (Insert Function
dialog box), tap or click
OK button, select range
(Function Arguments dialog
box), tap or click OK button
Using the Fill Handle to Copy a
Cell to   Adjacent   Cells
Excel also must calculate the totals for income during each month in cells C6:M6.
Table 1–2 on the next page illustrates the similarities between the entry in cell B6 and
the entries required to sum the totals in cells C6, D6, E6, F6, G6, H6, I6, J6, K6, L6,
and M6.
To place the SUM functions in range C6:M6, you could follow the same steps
shown previously in Figure 1– 17 and Figure 1– 18. A second, more efcient method,
however, is to copy the SUM function from cell B6 to the range C6:M6. The cell
being copied is called the source area or copy area . The range of cells receiving the
copy is called the destination area or paste area .
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