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Using the Fill Handle to Copy a Cell to Adjacent Cells
Drag the fill handle
to select the
destination area,
range C6:M6, to
display a shaded
border around the
source area and the
destination area
(Figure 1– 20). Do
not lift your nger
from the screen or
release the mouse
source area
destination area
as dragging
takes place,
Excel displays
border around
destination and
source area
Figure 1– 20
Lift your nger
from the screen or
release the mouse
button to copy the
SUM function from
the active cell to the
destination area and
calculate the sums
(Figure 1– 21).
heavy border and transparent
gray background indicates
B6:M6 remain selected
‘Auto Fill
Options’ button
remains on screen
until you begin
next activity
What is the purpose
of the ‘Auto Fill
Options’ button?
When you copy one
range to another,
Excel displays an
‘Auto Fill Options’
button (Figure 1– 21).
The ‘Auto Fill
Options’ button
allows you to choose
whether you want
to copy the values
from the source area to the destination area with formatting, do so without formatting,
or copy only the format. To view the available fill options, tap or click the ‘Auto Fill
Options’ button. The ‘Auto Fill Options’ button disappears when you begin another
activity in Excel, such as typing data in another cell or applying formatting to a cell or
range of cells.
SUM function entered
in range C6:M6
Figure 1– 21
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