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Using the Fill Handle to Copy a Cell to Adjacent Cells
If you are using a touch screen, drag the lower-right selection handle down to cell N6; if you are using a mouse,
with the pointer in cell N4 and in the shape of a block plus sign, drag the pointer down to cell N6 to highlight
the range with a transparent view (Figure 1– 24).
range N4:N6
Figure 1– 24
Tap or click the Sum button (HOME tab | Editing group) to calculate and display the sums of the corresponding
rows (Figure 1– 25).
How does Excel create unique totals for each row?
If each cell in a selected range is next to a row of numbers, Excel assigns the SUM function to each cell when you
tap or click the Sum button.
SUM function entered
in range N4:N6
Figure 1– 25
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