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Formatting the Worksheet
Tap or click the Comma Style button (HOME tab | Number group) to apply the comma style format to the selected range.
Select the range B6:N6 to make it the active range (Figure 1– 48).
What effect does the comma style format have on the selected cells?
The comma style format causes the cells to be displayed with two decimal places and commas as thousands separators.
Comma Style button
comma style format
applied to range B5:N5
range B6:N6 selected
Figure 1– 48
Tap or click the ‘Accounting Number Format’ button (HOME tab | Number group) to apply the accounting number
format to the cells in the selected range.
Select cell A7.
Use Steps 1–3 to format the ranges B9:N9, B17:N17, and B19:N19 with the accounting number format.
Use Steps 1–3 to format the range B10:N16 with the comma style format (Figure 1– 49).
accounting number
format applied
formats applied to
remaining rows
Figure 1– 49
Other Ways
1. Tap or click ‘Accounting Number Format’ or Comma Style
button on mini toolbar
2. Tap ‘Show Context Menu’ button on mini toolbar or right-click selected
cell, tap or click Format Cells on shortcut menu, tap or click Number tab
(Format Cells dialog box), select Accounting in Category list or select
Number and tap or click ‘Use 1000 Separator’, tap or click OK button
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