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Adding a Pie Chart to the Worksheet
Break Point: If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. Be sure to save the Bob Gleamin Budget le
again and then you can exit Excel. To resume at a later time, run Excel, open the le called Bob Gleamin Budget,
and continue following the steps from this location forward.
Adding a Pie Chart to the Worksheet
Excel includes 10 chart types from which you can choose, including column, line, pie,
bar, area, X Y (scatter), stock, surface, bubble, and radar. The type of chart you choose
depends on the type of data that you have, how much data you have, and the message
you want to convey.
A line chart often is used to illustrate changes in data over time. Pie charts show
the contribution of each piece of data to the whole, or total, of the data. Area charts,
like line charts, illustrate changes over time, but often are used to compare more than
one set of data, and the area below the lines is filled in with a different color for each
set of data. An X Y (scatter) chart is used much like a line chart, but each piece of
data is represented by a dot and is not connected with a line. A stock chart provides a
number of methods commonly used in the nancial industry to show stock market data.
A surface chart compares data from three columns and/or rows in a three-dimensional
manner. A bubble chart is much like an X Y (scatter) chart, but a third set of data results
indicates how large each individual dot, or bubble, is on the chart. A radar chart can
compare several sets of data in a manner that resembles a radar screen, with each set
of data represented by a different color. A column or cylinder chart is a good way to
compare values side by side. A pie chart can go even further in comparing values across
categories by showing each pie piece in comparison with the others.
As outlined in the requirements document in Figure 1– 2 on page EX 3, the
worksheet should include a pie chart to represent graphically the yearly expenses
totals for the expenses budget items for Bob Gleamin’s budget. The pie chart shown in
Figure 1– 55 is on its own sheet in the workbook. The pie chart resides on a separate
sheet, called a chart sheet , which contains only the chart.
Excel Help
At any time while using
Excel, you can nd answers
to questions and display
information about various
topics through Excel Help.
Used properly, this form
of assistance can increase
your productivity and
reduce your frustrations by
minimizing the time you
spend learning how to use
Excel. For instruction about
Excel Help and exercises that
will help you gain condence
in using it, read the office
and Windows chapter at the
beginning of this topic.
chart title
3‐D pie chart
chart legend
chart sheet
Figure 1– 55
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