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Changing the Sheet Tab Names
Document Properties
Excel helps you organize and identify your les by using document properties ,
which are the details about a le such as the project author, title, and subject. For
example, a class name or workbook topic can describe the le’s purpose or content.
Why would you want to assign document properties to a workbook?
Document properties are valuable for a variety of reasons:
Users can save time locating a particular le because they can view a le’s document properties without opening
the workbook.
By creating consistent properties for les having similar content, users can better organize their workbooks.
Some organizations require Excel users to add document properties so that other employees can view details about
these les.
The more common document properties are standard and automatically updated
properties. Standard properties are associated with all Microsoft office les and
include author, title, and subject. Automatically updated properties include le
system properties, such as the date you create or change a le, and statistics, such as the
le size.
To change document properties, you would follow these steps.
1. Tap or click FILE on the ribbon to open the Backstage view and then,
if necessary, tap or click the Info tab in the Backstage view to display the Info
2. If the property you wish to change is displayed in the Properties list in the
right pane of the Info gallery, try to tap or click to the right of the property.
If a text box appears to the right of the property, type the text for the
property in the text box and then tap or click the Back button in the upper-left
corner of the Backstage view to return to the Excel window. Skip the
remaining steps.
3. If the property you wish to change is not displayed in the Properties list in
the right pane of the Info gallery or you cannot change it in the Info gallery,
tap or click the Properties button in the right pane to display the Properties
menu, and then tap or click ‘Show Document Panel’ on the Properties menu
to close the Backstage view and display the Document Information Panel in
the Excel workbook window.
Why are some of the document properties in my Document Information Panel
already filled in?
The person who installed office 2013 on your computer or network may have set
or customized the properties.
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