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How should you submit solutions to questions in the assignments identied with a symbol?
Every assignment in this topic contains one or more questions identied with a symbol. These questions require you to think
beyond the assigned le. Present your solutions to the questions in the format required by your instructor. Possible formats may
include one or more of these options: write the answer; create a document that contains the answer; present your answer to
the class; discuss your answer in a group; record the answer as audio or video using a webcam, smartphone, or portable media
player; or post answers on a blog, wiki, or website.
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Reinforce the skills and apply the concepts you learned in this chapter.
Changing the Values in a Worksheet
Note: To complete this assignment, you will be required to use the Data Files for Students. Visit for detailed instructions or contact your instructor for
information about accessing the required les.
Run Excel. Open the workbook Apply 1–1 Treagle Market (Figure 1– 73a on the
next page).
1. Make the changes to the worksheet described in Table 1– 6 so that the worksheet appears as
shown in Figure 1– 73b on the next page. As you edit the values in the cells containing numeric
data, watch the totals in row 8, the totals in column G, and the chart change.
2. Change the worksheet title in cell A1 to the Title cell style and then merge and center it across
columns A through G. Use buttons in the Font group on the HOME tab on the ribbon to
change the worksheet subtitle in cell A2 to 14-point font and then center it across columns
A through G. Use the Aqua, Accent 5 color (column 9, row 1 in the Font Color gallery) for the
aqua font color.
3. Apply the worksheet name, Yearly Analysis, to the sheet tab and apply the Aqua, Accent 5 theme
color to the sheet tab.
4. Move the chart to a new sheet called Sales Analysis Chart. Apply the Style 2 chart style to the
chart (Figure 1– 73c on the next page). Change the chart title to SALES ANALYSIS.
5. Replace Treagle in cell A1 with your last name. Save the workbook using the le name, Apply
1–1 Treagle Market Sales Analysis. Submit the revised workbook as specied by your instructor.
6. Exit Excel.
Besides the styles used in the worksheet, what other changes could you make to enhance the
Table 1– 6 New Worksheet Data
Change Cell Contents To
Yearly Sales Analysis
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