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Analyze, Correct, Improve
Analyze, Correct, Improve
Analyze a workbook and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Fixing Formatting Problems and Data Errors in a Worksheet
Note: To complete this assignment, you will be required to use the Data Files for Students. Visit for detailed instructions or contact your instructor for
information about accessing the required les.
Instructions: Run Excel. Open the workbook Analyze 1–1 CPJ Clothing. Correct the following
formatting problems and data in the worksheet, while keeping in mind the guidelines presented
in this chapter. Your worksheet should look like Figure 1– 75 when it is corrected.
Figure 1– 75
1. Correct
a. Correct the spelling mistake in cell A2 by changing Semiannul to Semiannual. Correct the
spelling mistake in cell A5 by changing Orlndo to Orlando.
b. The SUM function in cell H7 does not sum all of the numbers in the column. Correct this
error by editing the range for the SUM function in the cell.
2. Improve
a. Merge and center the worksheet title and subtitle appropriately.
b. Format the worksheet title and subtitle with appropriate cell styles. Change the font size of
the subtitle to 16.
c. Apply the Green, Accent 6 color to the title and subtitle and bold them.
d. Add a title for totals row 10 and create the necessary totals in row 10.
e. Apply proper formatting to the column headers and total row, including centering the
column headers.
f. Adjust the column sizes so that all data in each column is visible.
g. Create the grand total for the annual cost of goods.
h. Apply a worksheet name to the sheet tab and apply the Green, Accent 6 color to the sheet tab.
i. Change the document properties as specied by your instructor. Save the workbook using
the le name, Analyze 1–1 CPJ Clothing Sales. Submit the revised workbook as specied by
your instructor.
j. Change the city in cell A5 to the city you were born.
If you were going to create a pie chart of the expenses for each city, what data would you use?
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