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Entering the Titles and Numbers into the Worksheet
To Enter the Row Titles
The following steps add row titles for the rows that will contain the totals,
highest, lowest, and average amounts.
Select cell A13. Type Totals and then press the DOWN ARROW key to enter a
row header.
Type Highest in cell A14 and then press the DOWN ARROW key to enter a row
Type Lowest in cell A15 and then press the ENTER key to enter a row header.
Type Average in cell A16 and then press the DOWN ARROW key to enter a row
header (Figure 2 – 4).
column titles
on two lines
height of row 3
increased to t
multiple lines
of text
dates entered with
twodigit year are displayed
with four-digit year
Figure 2 – 4
To Change the Worksheet Tab Name and Color
and Save the Workbook
The following steps change the worksheet tab name to Salary Report, change
the sheet tab color, and save the workbook in the Excel folder (for your assignments)
using the le name, HyperMass Online Storage Salary Report.
Double-tap or double-click the Sheet1 tab and then enter Salary Report as the
sheet tab name and then press the ENTER key.
Press and hold or right-click the sheet tab to display the shortcut menu.
Tap or point to Tab Color on the shortcut menu to display the Tab Color gallery. Tap
or click Green, Accent 6, Darker 25% (column 10, row 5) in the Theme Colors area to
apply a new color to the sheet tab.
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