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Option Buttons
formulas copied
to range E5:I12
‘Auto Fill Options’
button appears
Figure 2 – 12
Option Buttons
Excel displays Option buttons in a workbook while you are working on it to indicate
that you can complete an operation using automatic features such as AutoCorrect,
Auto Fill, error checking, and others. For example, the ‘Auto Fill Options’ button
shown in Figure 2 – 12 appears after a fill operation, such as dragging the fill handle.
When an error occurs in a formula in a cell, Excel displays the Trace Error button next
to the cell and identies the cell with the error by placing a green triangle in the upper
left of the cell.
Table 2 – 4 summarizes the Option buttons available in Excel. When one of these
buttons appears on your worksheet, tap or click its arrow to produce the list of options
for modifying the operation or to obtain additional information.
Table 2 4 Option Buttons in Excel
Menu Function
‘Auto Fill Options’
Gives options for how to fill cells following a fill operation, such as dragging the
fill handle
AutoCorrect Options
Undoes an automatic correction, stops future automatic corrections of this type, or
causes Excel to display the AutoCorrect Options dialog box
Insert Options
Lists formatting options following an insertion of cells, rows, or columns
Paste Options
Species how moved or pasted items should appear (for example, with original
formatting, without formatting, or with different formatting)
Trace Error
Lists error-checking options following the assignment of an invalid formula
to a cell
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