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Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN Functions
Tap or click cell
B4 and then drag
through cell B12 to
display the function
with the new range
in the formula bar
and in the selected
cell (Figure 2 – 20).
selected range
appears in formula
bar and active cell
Figure 2 – 20
Tap or click the Enter
box to determine
the lowest value in
the range B4:B12
and display the
result in the selected
cell (Figure 2 – 21).
Enter box
MIN function
determines lowest
value in B4:B12
result of MIN function
Figure 2 – 21
Other Ways
1. Tap or click Insert Function box in formula
bar, if necessary, select Statistical category,
tap or click MIN, specify arguments
2. Tap or click Sum arrow (FORMULAS tab |
Function Library group), tap or click Min
3. Type =MIN in cell, fill in arguments
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