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Verifying Formulas Using Range Finder
To Apply a Cell Style to the Column Headings
and Format the Total Rows
As shown in Figure 2 – 27b on page EX 90, the column titles (row 3) should
have the Heading 3 cell style and the totals row (row 13) should have the Total cell
style. The summary information headings in the range A14:A16 should be bold.
The following steps assign these styles and formats to row 3 and row 13 and the
range A14:A16.
Select the range to be formatted, cells A3:J3 in this case.
Use the Cell Styles gallery to apply the Heading 3 cell style to the range A3:J3.
Tap or click the Center button (HOME tab | Alignment group) to center the column
Apply the Total cell style to the range A13:J13.
Bold the range A14:A16 (Figure 2 – 35).
Center button
Bold button
column headings
centered and Heading
3 style applied to row 3
range A14:A16 bold
Figure 2 – 35
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