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Checking Spelling
Lift your nger or
release the mouse
button to change
the row height.
Tap or click
anywhere in the
worksheet, such as
cell A18, to deselect
the current cell
(Figure 2 – 56).
row height
Can I hide a row?
Yes. As with column
widths, when you
decrease the row
height to 0, the
row is hidden. To
instruct Excel to
display a hidden row,
position the pointer
just below the row
heading boundary
where the row is
hidden and then drag
downward. To set a row height to best t, double-tap or
double-click the bottom boundary of the row heading.
row height
Figure 2 – 56
Other Ways
1. Press and hold or right-click row heading or drag through multiple
row headings, press and hold or right-click selected heading,
tap or click Row Height on shortcut menu, enter desired row
height, tap or click OK button
Break Point: If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. Be sure to save the HyperMass Online Storage
Salary Report le again and then you can exit Excel. To resume at a later time, run Excel, open the le called
HyperMass Online Storage Salary Report, and continue following the steps from this location forward.
Checking Spelling
Excel includes a spell checker you can use to check a worksheet for spelling errors.
The spell checker looks for spelling errors by comparing words on the worksheet
against words contained in its standard dictionary. If you often use specialized terms
that are not in the standard dictionary, you may want to add them to a custom
dictionary using the Spelling dialog box.
When the spell checker nds a word that is not in either dictionary, it displays
the word in the Spelling dialog box. You then can correct it if it is misspelled.
Does the spell checker catch all spelling mistakes?
While Excel’s spell checker is a valuable tool, it is not infallible. You should proofread your workbook carefully by pointing to
each word and saying it aloud as you point to it. Be mindful of misused words such as its and it’s, through and though, and to
and too. Nothing undermines a good impression more than a professional looking report with misspelled words.
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