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Introduction to the Windows 8 Operating System
such as memory, storage devices, and printers, and provides the capability for you to
communicate with the computer.
The Windows operating system simplies the process of working with
documents and apps by organizing the manner in which you interact with the
computer. Windows is used to run apps. An app (short for application) consists of
programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal
tasks, such as using spreadsheets or browsing the web.
The Windows 8 interface begins with the Start screen , which shows tiles
(Figure 1). A tile is a shortcut to an app or other content. The tiles on the Start screen
include installed apps that you use regularly. From the Start screen, you can choose
which apps to run using a touch screen, mouse, or other input device.
Start screen
app tiles
Figure 1
If you are using your
nger on a touch screen
and are having difculty
completing the steps in
this chapter, consider
using a stylus. Many
people nd it easier to
be precise with a stylus
than with a nger. In
addition, with a stylus
you see the pointer.
If you still are having
trouble completing the
steps with a stylus, try
using a mouse.
Using a Touch Screen and a Mouse
Windows users who have computers or devices with touch screen capability can
interact with the screen using gestures. A gesture is a motion you make on a touch
screen with the tip of one or more ngers or your hand. Touch screens are convenient
because they do not require a separate device for input. Table 1 on the next page presents
common ways to interact with a touch screen.
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