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Displaying and Printing the Formulas Version of the Worksheet
formulas printed
on one page
Figure 2 – 69
After viewing and printing the formulas version, press CTRL + ACCENT MARK (`) to instruct Excel to display
the values version.
Tap or click the left horizontal scroll arrow until column A appears.
To Change the Print Scaling Option Back to 100%
Depending on your printer, you may have to change the Print Scaling option
back to 100% after using the Fit to option. Doing so will cause the worksheet to print
at the default print scaling of 100%. The following steps reset the Print Scaling option
so that future worksheets print at 100%, instead of being resized to print on one page.
If necessary, display the PAGE LAYOUT tab and then tap or click the Page Setup Dialog Box
Launcher (PAGE LAYOUT tab | Page Setup group) to display the Page Setup dialog box.
Tap or click Adjust to in the Scaling area to select the Adjust to setting.
If necessary, type 100 in the Adjust to box to adjust the print scaling to a new percentage.
Tap or click the OK button (Page Setup dialog box) to set the print scaling to normal.
Display the HOME tab.
What is the purpose of the Adjust to box in the Page Setup dialog box?
The Adjust to box allows you to specify the percentage of reduction or enlargement in
the printout of a worksheet. The default percentage is 100%. When you tap or click the
Fit to option, this percentage automatically changes to the percentage required to t
the printout on one page.
To Sign Out of a Microsoft Account
If you are signed in to a Microsoft account and are using a public computer
or otherwise wish to sign out of your Microsoft account, you should sign out of the
account from the Account gallery in the Backstage view before exiting Excel. Signing
out of the account is the safest way to make sure that nobody else can access SkyDrive
les or settings stored in your Microsoft account. The following steps sign out of a
Microsoft account from Excel. For a detailed example of the procedure summarized
below, refer to the office and Windows chapter at the beginning of this topic.
If you wish to sign out of your Microsoft account, tap or click FILE on the ribbon to open
the Backstage view and then tap or click the Account tab to display the Account gallery.
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