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Analyze, Correct, Improve
Analyze, Correct, Improve
Analyze a workbook and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Correcting Formatting, Functions, and Formulas in a Worksheet
Note: To complete this assignment, you will be required to use the Data Files for Students. Visit for detailed instructions or contact your instructor for
information about accessing the required les.
Instructions: Run Excel. Open the workbook ACI 2–1 Janeese Crystals. In this exercise, you will
learn how to correct formatting, functions, and formula problems in a worksheet. The completed
worksheet is shown in Figure 2 – 72.
Figure 2 – 72
Perform the following tasks:
1. Correct
a. Spell check the worksheet and correct any spelling mistakes that are found, but ignore any
spelling mistakes found in the worksheet title.
b. The averages in several columns do not include the product in row 4. Adjust the functions in
these cells so that all products are included in the calculation.
c. The total prot calculations should be Total Prot = Items Sold * Prot. Adjust the formulas
in the range F4:F12 so that the correct formula is used.
d. The values for the total row were entered without using a function. Replace the values with
the appropriate function.
e. The currency values in rows 4 and 14 through 16 should be formatted with the ‘Accounting
Number Format’ button (HOME tab | Number group). They are currently formatted with the
Currency format (oating dollar sign). The accounting number format displays a xed dollar sign.
f. Delete the function in the cell containing the average of % Prot.
2. Improve
a. Add a thick box border around the title and subtitle so that they appear more separated from
the rest of the worksheet.
b. Adjust the column widths of columns A, D, and F to best t.
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